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Many friends do not know why the price of insulation boards is different, the degree of volatility is quite large. What is the factor that affects its price in the end? It has become a difficult problem in everyone’s heart. As a professional manufacturer of insulation boards, I would like to make a detailed analysis of your queries.

fr4 glass epoxy

Factors affecting the price of insulation board

(1) Thickness specification. The thicker the thickness of the insulation board is, the thicker the thickness is. The greater the demand for processing technology, equipment, manpower and material resources. The natural cost has gone up, so the price of the plate has been affected.

(2) The demand for the market is increasing. Nowadays, with the increasing voltage and high-end products, the demand for high performance insulation boards is increasing. If there is a market, its price will increase.

(3) The appreciation of the labor force. Nowadays, the wages of workers are constantly increasing, and all kinds of electricity, water, taxes and so on are rising. I think we all know the reason why the water rises so high. Naturally, the price of the insulation board is raised.

(4) Different regions. We know that the coastal areas are economically developed, and the supply of all kinds of materials is relatively convenient and intensive. The cost of purchasing flowers by natural plants is less than that of other regions, and prices also have certain advantages.

(5) the size of the manufacturer is different. The larger the scale of the plant, the more systematic and meticulous management and production, the more manpower and material resources it needs. But their quality is guaranteed and their service life is much longer. The price will be a little more.

The above are the five major factors that affect the insulation board price. If you have more questions or want to buy them? Zhongtian is looking forward to working with you to create a better future.

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