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Epoxy tubes – mainstream insulating products in various industries

Many friends may wonder why the epoxy tube is the main insulation product of the industry equipment. Where on earth is it used for? The following is a list of its specific uses. I think the doubts in your mind will be eliminated after you finish reading.

fr4 epoxy

Household electrical appliance industry

Household appliances are now entering the homes of ordinary people in various forms and varieties. For example, kitchen appliances. They include electric cookers, microwave ovens, electromagnetic cookers, electric ovens, electric rice cookers, dishwashers, electric water heaters, food processing machines, etc. Most of their insulating materials are epoxy tubes. Because of its good environmental protection, dielectric, insulation, high temperature and other characteristics, it is favored by the majority of people.

Entertainment industry

Nowadays fishing has become one of the ways to cultivate sentiment in urban life. It enables people to get close to nature. Because of its smooth surface, bubbles and impurities, good strength, weight and light, good dielectric, insulation and good insulation, it can make people safe to use and make people more safe. Even under high pressure, it will not be broken down, and low heat conduction!

Transportation industry

Nowadays, high-speed rail and motor cars have become the main means of transportation for people to travel. It greatly shortens the distance of the world. The epoxy tube is a good insulating material. The high speed iron converter is used for electric motor power supply. The quality and performance of the insulation must meet the needs of the frequency converter. The epoxy tube workpiece has good insulation and high temperature resistance, which is enough to meet the performance requirements of the insulating material on the high speed converter.

Machinery industry

Motor is the core of machinery, automobile, transformer and so on. As we all know, the motor is driven by electromagnetic induction to rotate the starter rotor. Naturally there will be electric current, so insulation is necessary. And FR-4 glass fiber plate relative dielectric constant (50Hz): less than 5.5; relative dielectric constant (1MHz): less than 5.5, so its insulation performance is very good, is a good material for motor insulation.

Because of the time, I simply introduced here. Of course, it also has its own world in aviation, yacht, architecture and advertising. If you want to know more about the epoxy tube, you can go directly to the station.

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