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Epoxy resin tube processing in China

Electrician material – epoxy resin tube is made from alkali free glass cloth soaked with epoxy phenolic resin through hot pressing and so on. Epoxy resin tube has high mechanical strength, good heat resistance and dielectric properties. It is suitable for insulation parts in electrical equipment, and it can also be used in wet environment, so epoxy resin can be used in epoxy. The resin tube has a very broad market.

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According to global world statistics, China has become the last epoxy resin Market in the world after entering the twenty-first Century. At present, China’s epoxy resin market is still very broad. According to the model, it can be divided into G10 insulation material , G11, FR4 sheet and different signal epoxy tubes. So when customers buy epoxy pipes, they will inform us of their use, so that we can choose a more suitable material for epoxy pipes.

In general, most of the epoxy tubes have the same characteristics. For example, many applications are in the machinery and electronics industries. Most of our company’s epoxy tubes are manufactured in the electrical industry. The epoxy resin pipe has high mechanical strength at medium temperature, and its electrical performance is very stable when exposed to high humidity.

No matter which country you are visiting, you can learn about electrical insulation materials of Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group. We have clients in almost all countries around the world.

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