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Epoxy Fiber Glass Laminated Rod

Epoxy laminated glass rod are electrical alkali-free glass cloth impregnated with alkali-free glass cloth epoxy resin formed by hot pressing. The dielectric properties of the product have high mechanical strength and dielectric property, used for processing various insulation accessories.

G10 epoxy laminated glass rod has a high mechanical strength at moderate temperature, it dielectric performance is stable under high humidity, used as insulating structural parts for F-class motors, electrical equipment as , and other purposes.

FR4 epoxy laminated glass rod is similar to G10, high mechanical strength at high temperature, used as insulation parts for F-class motors, electrical equipment.

FR5 epoxy laminated glass rod is similar to G11, flame retardant, used as insulating structural parts.for Class F motors, electrical equipment which has fire-retardant requirement.

Product length: 1000mm   Diameter: 10~200mm

Epoxy fiber glass laminated rod

No. Index Name Unit Index
G10 FR4 G11 FR5
1 Application standard NEMA LI
2 Density g/cm 1.70~1.90 1.70~1.90 1.70~1.90 1.70~1.90
3 Bending strength ksi 35  35 35 35
4 Compressive strength ksi 35 35 35 35
5 Water absorption ≤ Diameter 0.5-1” % 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50
Diameter >1” 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50
6 Flammability UL94 V0 V0
7 Temperature index 155 155 155 155
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