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Before we understand epoxy resin board, we need to know what epoxy resin is.  Epoxy resin is an organic macromolecule compound containing two or more than two epoxy groups. Apart from individual, the molecular weight of epoxy resin is not high.

Epoxy resin plate process

Electrical insulating material – epoxy resin board, is made of alkali free glass fiber cloth immersed in epoxy phenolic resin, baked and hot pressed.

What are the advantages of the epoxy resin board?

Epoxy resin board has high mechanical and dielectric properties, high heat resistance and moisture resistance.

The use of epoxy board is also very extensive. It is usually used in some electrical and electrical equipment for the use of insulating materials.

The color of epoxy plate is yellow, water green, white, black. The 3240 epoxy plate is the most widely used, it has high chemical corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, good electrical performance, light weight, good mechanical properties, and processing is convenient, the price lattice is reasonable.

There are so many manufacturers of electrical insulation materials, so how do we choose a reliable and reliable manufacturer? The purchase of insulating materials will directly affect the performance of the equipment, so buying a good quality epoxy board is a very important thing. Zhongtian electrical equipment group has sufficient advantages both in quality and price. If there is demand, welcome online or email consultation.

epoxy resin board

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