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Can epoxy plates really be flame-retardant?

Can epoxy plates really be flame-retardant? I think many friends will have similar questions. So I want to write it down and answer questions for more friends.

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Flame retardancy can literally be seen to stop combustion, not flammable. Its flame retardancy is in accordance with the national UL 94V-0 standard. It has a certain flame retardancy for a small fire, but I think its flame retardancy may not be expected. At this time, many people will be artificial material is false, no flame-retardant properties. I think you should understand that it is not flame retardant, but also has certain limitations.

I don’t think there are many insulation materials that can remain intolerable in a fire today. In front of the fire, the epoxy sheet was ruthlessly destroyed. We have only the right points. However, I believe that the development of scientific research is very fast now, and its flame retardancy will be greatly improved.

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