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Bakelite sheet manufacturing process

The bakelite sheet was invented by the Belgian chemist Becker, because it is similar in shape to wood and is not easily conductive. It can be used as an insulating material, so it is called a bakelite. Before the early start, people made electric boards into various products, such as pipes, toys, handles, insulated parts of electrical appliances, and telephone casings. The current words are mainly used in the electrical industry.

Bakelite sheet manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of the bakelite board is very simple, mixing equal amounts of phenols and aldehydes, and then heating together with the contact agent to produce a condensation reaction into two layers. The upper layer is an aqueous solution of various substances, and the lower layer is a phenol resin. The polymerization state is liquid and solid, depending on the reaction time of each substance. If it is liquid, plus paper, cotton and other fillers, after drying out is the electric board. The solid is generally ground into a powder, mixed with wood fibers, and then heated to 160 ° C under a pressure of 50 to 100 lbs to prepare a bakelite sheet.

The bakelite is almost unaffected by any chemical agents and is insoluble. Its weight is very light, its specific gravity is only 1.25, it has excellent electrical insulation, and it begins to decompose when the temperature reaches 300 °C. Its disadvantage is that the texture is brittle and easy to break.

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