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6650NHN NOMEX Polyimide Film Flexible Composite Insulation
Model: 6650
Insulation class: Class H insulation (180 °C)
Thickness: 0.15mm-0.4mm
Width: 914mm
NHN (6650) polyimide film polyaramide fiber soft composite material

Nomex+Polyimide Film+Nomex

Flexible Composite Insulation
product description
●Product Introduction
6650NHN Polyimide Film Poly-Aramid Fiber Paper Soft Insulation Composite Material is a three-layer electrical insulating composite made of Dupont Nomex® polyarylate paper and 6050 polyimide film.
●Product Features
Thermal rating: Class H insulation (180 °C)
6650NHN composite paper has good dielectric properties and mechanical properties, and it is outstanding at high temperature and mechanical properties after moisture.
●Product use
6650NHN polyimide film polyaryl fiber paper flexible insulating composites have good dielectric properties and mechanical properties, and outstanding outstanding mechanical properties under high temperature and after moisture.

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