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What is an aluminum substrate sheet?

FR-4 glass fiber board is a common material of aluminum substrate. Aluminum substrate is called aluminum-based copper clad circuit board. It is widely used in LED lighting lamp light source board in recent years. Considering the application information of lamps and lanterns on the market in recent years and the production and processing of FR-4 fiberglass board, let’s talk about the description of aluminum substrate.

Aluminum substrate is the most commonly used PCB material for LED lighting, so what is aluminum substrate? The aluminum substrate is a metal base cladding plate, which has good heat dissipation function. The structure of aluminum substrate includes line layer, insulation layer and metal base. The insulating layer is the core technology of aluminum substrate, which mainly plays the functions of adhesion, insulation and heat conduction. Aluminum alloy is the carrier of aluminum substrate, and many good properties of aluminum alloy are also important in aluminum substrate, such as specific heat capacity, heat conductivity, melting point range, linear expansion coefficient, electrical conductivity, resistivity, hardness, fatigue strength, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation and cutting force, etc. The thermal conductivity is the same. One of the most important performance parameters. Now the thermal conductivity coefficient of aluminum base clad plate produced by different manufacturers in the market is very different. The thermal conductivity of the aluminum base clad plate in the domestic market is between 0.2-1.5W/M-K, and the cost difference is easy to induce the non equivalent thermal conductivity. So when considering the thermal conductivity, it may refer to the price positioning of aluminum substrate and the third party detection.

So what should we pay attention to in purchasing aluminum substrate? Or which parameters must be specified in the order description of the aluminum substrate? The following is some information given by netizens, when you need to purchase aluminum substrate, can be used as a reference, aluminum substrate orders as far as possible to indicate the following elements:

fr4 copper clad sheet

The first is the product model / material number / order number: even the product model, order number is no or misplaced, then all the next steps may be abandoned; if the information is clearly expressed, self interest, many departments in and outside the company are also easy to match well, production efficiency will naturally increase;

The second is to indicate the type of plate: single / double aluminum base clad plate, plate thickness and copper foil thickness (OZ): H, 1, 2 (18/35/70mil), and more than 18mil. Rule does not square, there must be a requirement to point out the direction of aluminum substrate processing;

Another is the process of aluminum substrate process, including many aspects, such as surface treatment, resistance to welding color, text color and molding. It is a single molding or a piece shipment (conventional process is generally 5MM, do not forget to add MARK points and patch process holes).

In the end, we should emphasize, such as the time of delivery, the quantity and the special requirements, and the good communication between the two parties, so that the suppliers can cooperate more effectively and restrain each other. The order structure of the PCB manufacturers may be different at different time. These differences are normal, and the cooperation time should be carefully screened.

What is the material and the aluminum substrate attention to the aluminum substrate is described here, more information please browse the other relevant articles on our website, what problems can be consulted on the website customer service.

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