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The transformer adopts high quality material, especially applying the new technology and new material to the insulation of the coil and transformer body, thus the no-load and the load loss are obviously reduced, the performance and structure are more reliable and superior.

3 Phase Oil Immersed Power Transformer


a.The cancellation of oil conservator makes the transformer more convinient to use;

b.The replacement of oil tube into corrugated tank makes the transformer easier to cool;              

c.The physical property of corrugated tank increases the reliability of the transformer;                  

d.The adoption of sanforizing makes sure the robustness of long distant transportation.

Technical Features

1.Power Capacity: 30-20000KVA

2.Voltage Level: 10KV,20KV,35KV and Others

3.Type of Voltage Regulation: Off-circuit or On-Ioad

4.Tapping Range: ±5 %  ±2×2.5 % ±4×2.5 %

5.Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz

6.Phases: Three or single

7.Connection Symbol: Dyn11,Yyn0 ( or as requested)

8.Short- circuit Impedance:  Standard Impedance

9.Altiude is not exceeding 1000m,ambient temperature not exceeding 40OC. If it can’t meet such conditions,we will modulate parameters in accordance with standard.

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