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2751-Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeving

Silicone fiberglass sleeving (also known as silicon sleeve or self-extinguishing sleeve) is made from E-glass fibers woven  after weaving, coating with silicone resin and heat curing, strong dielectric properties, high heat resistance, good self-extinguishing and softness.

  1. Temperature Range: -60℃~+200℃
  2. Rated Voltage: 1200V 、1500V、 2500V、4000V、7000V
  3. Normal Size: Φ0.8mm~Φ40mm
  4. Normal colour: White, Black, Red, or customized
  5. Packing length: 100m per roll, 50m per roll
  6. Application: The wire insulation protection of household appliances, motor, cables, lighting, electro-thermal products, electrical equipment and heat-resistant appliances, good insulation performance for high temperature and high pressure.
  7. Heat-resistant Class: H.


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