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2740-Fiberglass Sleeving Coated with Acrylic Resin

Acrylic fiberglass sleeve is B-class insulation sleeve, it is weaved by acrylate latex coated E-glass fiber woven  through heating and drying. Reliable heat resistance, good dielectric properties, good softness and flexibility, it is resistant to oil and benzene and other characteristics, it is suitable for wiring insulation and mechanical guarantee electrical of electronics, instrumentation, radio, household appliances and other devices.

  1. Size: Normal Length is 1000±20mm, consequent length confirmed by the agreement of the buyer and supplier,
  2. Characteristic: Surface is smooth, ends are neat,
  3. Oil resistance: In transformer oil for 24 hours on 105±2℃, coating will not be disengaged or cracked, allow color darker
  4. Breakdown Voltage: 1500V 2000V 2500V 4000V,

Sleeve Inner less than 1.5mm, the breakdown voltage can not less than 75% of the stipulated value,

  1. Heat-resistant class: F.



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