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Name:Polyester enamelled round copper wire
Type:QZ-1-2/130L, /QZ-1-2155.
Diameter:0.025mm- 2.5mm ,0.04mm–0.45mm
Thermal class:B 130 ºC, F 155 ºC

Standard: GB/T6109.1-2008
If special requirement, can also make according to following standard .IEC6031-3, NEMA, JIS C3202.

Application :
1.It is suitable for all kinds of motors, such as electric motors, fan motors, vacuum motors.
2.And for electrical appliances, telecommunication instruments and radio electronic equipment for use in a variety of harsh environments or high temperature requirements and can be used under special conditions such as nuclear reactors and space flying.

1.High breakdown voltage.
2.Excellent solvent resistance, radiation resistance.
3.Has a resistance to refrigerant performance.
4.Good tolerance for high-low temperature impact.