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EPGC204 Insulation Eepoxy Board

Product Description FR5(EPGC204) Epoxy resin fiberglass mesh insulation plate board Epoxy board, also known as epoxy glass fiberboard, epoxy phenolic laminated glass cloth, epoxy resin refers to molecules containing two or more epoxy groups of organic Read more…


EPGC203 Insulation Epoxy Board

EPGC203 Insulation Epoxy Board Description G10  is a composite material composed of woven fiberglass cloth with an epoxy resin binder that is flame resistant (self-extinguishing). Which the product used in printed circuit boards (PCB). We can Read more…


EPGC308 Insulation Eepoxy Board

EPGC308 Insulation Eepoxy Board Insulation board, also known as epoxy glass fiberboard, the molecular structure contains active epoxy groups, so that they can be cross-linked with a variety of curing agents to form insoluble, infusible three-way Read more…


G11 Insulation Epoxy Board

G11 Insulation Epoxy Board Description G10/FR4 Epoxy Glass Fabric Laminated Sheet, a versatile, all around insulating material, it’s created from alkali-free glass cloth that has been impregnated with an epoxy resin under heat and pressure Read more…


G10 Insulation Epoxy Board

G10 Insulation Epoxy Board Product introduction G10 insulation epoxy board is made of electronic grade glass cloth impregnated with heat-resistant epoxy resin, made by hot pressing. G10 products have excellent mechanical and electrical properties, anti-static, UL94-V0 Read more…


2440 Polyester Glass Cloth

2440 Polyester Glass Cloth Introduction Name: polyester glass lacquer cloth Model: 2240 Main composition: modified polyester paint, alkali – free glass cloth Features and USES: high electrical, mechanical properties, suitable for F – grade motor electrical Read more…

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